Solar Led Lamps & Led Signs

EVL 11827 FL K



    • Uni-directional warning (8 LED 11825 FL S / 11827 FL K)
    • bi-directional warning (2+2 LED 11814 FL S / 11816 FL K)
    • circular lens with LED lamps on one direction 105 f/min. warning flasher
    • two colors alternative, yellow and red high quality lens surfaces and covers
    • with solar battery; no battery change
    • with solar charger; all day (day and night time) continuous, effective and energy saving warning
    • on/off switch
    • operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C
    • with threaded spring connect; easy attaching and 360° swivel head
    • can be attached to cones, posts, barriers,barricades, and delineators
    • meets IP 55 requirements
    • wide range of use: all warning and working zone including roads, construction areas, residential areas, parking lots and etc.
    Part No. 11825 FL S 11827 FL K 11814 FL S 11816 FL K
    Body (H/L/W) 29x21.5x9.0 cm 29x21.5x9.0 cm 27x22x8.0 cm 27x22x8.0 cm
    Flash LENS Ø16 cm Ø16 cm Ø16 cm Ø16 cm
    Weight (approx.) 0.75 kg 0.75 kg 0.50 kg 0.50 kg
    Material(body-lens) ABS-PC ABS-PC ABS-PC ABS-PC


    Electronic Specs.
    Solar Panel Type Monocrystalline silicon cell
    Dimension (H/L) 45x120 mm
    Voltage 4 V
    Watt 0.6 W
    Material Nİ-MH
    Rechargeable Battery  Voltage 2x1.2 V
    Current 2000 mA/h
    LED Color Yellow-Red
    Dimension Ø 5 mm LEDs
    Flash Rate 105 f/min
    Visibility Dist. 200 m (night)
    Operation Time whole night/daily sunlight
    Operation Temp. -20ºC/+60ºC

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