Road Lane Delineators

EVL 12220 UB



    • Cat eyes-design provides effective visibility
    • bi-directional 4+4 cat-eyes durable and unbreakable cat-eyes and base (12262 UB)
    • glass button-design provides effective visibility
    • with sloped shape and skid resistant grips on base,(12262 UB) no dislocation on ground and no damage on tire edges (12262 UB)
    • bi-directional reflective lenses on base durable and unbreakable
    • button and base (12217 UB)
    • solar powered flasher-design provides effective visibility
    • circular warning(6 LED) bi-directional reflective stripe on
    • bottom side durable and unbreakable,
    • button and base (12220 UB)
    • meets IP 65 requirements (12220 UB)
    • modular design expands to any road width
    • better visibility and long life color fading with UV protected color
    • fixed to ground by Ø1.6xH9.0xØ1.0 cm screw&fixing plug
    • operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C
    • wide range of use: on all roads, streets, bike ways, parking lots&curb parking, working and construction zones and etc. to control traffic and divide lanes.
    Part No. 12262 UB 12217 UB 12220
    Body(HxLxW) 9.0x100x22 cm 8.0x100x20 cm 8.0x100x20 cm
    Flash LENS (Ø) - 10 cm 10 cm
    Weight 3.5 kg 4.1 kg 3.7 kg
    Material PPC PPC PPC
    Application (screw&fixing plug) x 6 pcs x 4 pcs x 4 pcs

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