12mm Static Rope



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    Product Specifications

    Designed for rescue operations and rope accesstechniques.

    Made of High Tenacity Polyamide Fiber (S/Z Twist).

    Formed by core and protector cover.• Excellent hand-grip feature.

    High resistance against abrasion.

    High UV resistance.

    Identification tape inserted (with information of relativestandard, type of rope, brand).

    Dia : 12 mm

    Standard : EN 1891

    Type : A

    Weight : 92 gr/mt

    Breaking Strength : 40,5 kN

    Breaking Strength with Knot: 22 kN

    Static Stretching : % 2,5

    Sheath Slippage : 0,5

    Wet Tensile Strength : % 3,3

    Knot Flexibility : 1,16

    Stitched Eyes Strength : 25 kN

    Eight Knot Strength : 22 kN

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